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Lester Ray Tibbett, one of the characters in Tracy Krauss' fun filled romance series "Neighbors"!

Here is a fun interview with one of the characters from my series NEIGHBORS:

What is your full name?
Lester Ray Tibbett. My parents were country people - old fashioned, and they named their kids accordingly. My sister's name is Patsi Mae. She hates it and goes by Pat, but I don't mind so much. You can call me Lester, or Lester Ray - just don't call me late for supper.

Very funny. I take it you and your sister are close?
Yes. I've been her guardian for the last nine years since our parents died. She was only nine at the time. I took over both the farm and the responsibility of looking after her. I suppose you could say I'm more of a father figure than a brother.

That was quite a responsibility. Are you quite a bit older than she is?
I was twenty-three when my folks passed. You do the math.

So what brought a thirty-two year old boy from the country to the city of Calgary? (I did the math, as you can see...)
A combination of things. Bad debts (which I hate to admit) and old equipment, combined with several years of drought. Plus, Patsi finished school and it seemed like it was a good time to move so she could go to college.

What are you doing now that you've moved?
I got a job with a big construction company called 'Titan'. They're in the process of building a high rise downtown. It's new work for me, but I've always been pretty handy, and I learn fast. And you don't grow up on a farm without knowing how to work hard.

Speaking of growing up on a farm, I hear you are also quite the rodeo cowboy. Is that true?
I've done my share. I used to ride broncs, but after an injury I gave it up. There wasn't really any money in it for me and let's be honest - it's a dangerous sport. I still love watching, though, and I don't mind getting back in the saddle just for fun.

Where is your favourite place to hang out in Calgary?
I go to this pub downtown called the 'Urban Cowboy' a lot with my friend Jed Malloy. I don't drink much, but I like to play pool and it also has one of those old school mechanical bulls, which is a hoot.

Is there anyone special in your life?
You mean besides Jesus?

Is that a joke?
No. I'm a Christian and not ashamed to say it. If you mean a special woman, maybe, but that might be privileged information.
I see. If you did have a girlfriend, what kind of woman would she be?
Down to earth, I guess. I'm a pretty down to earth kind of guy myself. Not too pretentious and not too needy. And obviously she'd have to share my values.

Doesn't sound too difficult, but then again you are over thirty and still haven't found her. Do you think you're being too choosy?
Absolutely not. I've been busy looking after the farm and raising my sister. I just haven't had time for a serious relationship. Now that Patsi is grown, I'm starting to think more about my own needs for companionship. A life partner.
More than anything else, what do you want in life?
To be happy. To see my sister settled. That's about it. Like I said, I'm not a very complicated sort of guy.

Anything else you'd like to tell us about yourself?
That's about it, I guess. I'm not that comfortable talking about myself. I don't like being in the limelight. I just like to mind my own business and live a quiet life.

Thanks for this interview, Lester.
In fact, living a quiet life isn't really part of the equation for Lester. See how he deals with a rebellious sister, nosy neighbours, danger on the job site, and his attraction to a woman that probably wouldn't have made his 'must have' list... All in the continuing series NEIGHBORS.

The Amazon Kindle link for “Neighbors” is:

"Homeowner With A Gun" by Samule Hawley

Samuel Hawley was on The G-ZONE yesterday, we covered a variety of topics including a new release he has coming up in October. Here is the cover, the synopsis and the link for the show:

The G-ZONE show link:
From Samuel Hawley:
It was great to be on the show, Giovanni. Thanks!
Here is a synopsis of "Homeowner With a Gun," and the cover .
“HOMEOWNER WITH A GUN” (release date- October 2014)
It’s the middle of the night. You’re awakened by a noise. Someone is in your house. What do you do?
When it happens at 148 Maple Drive, homeowner Jeff Shaw gets his gun and goes downstairs to investigate while his wife calls 9-1-1. It’s their home, after all. Jeff has to protect it. He finds two men in the kitchen and shoots them both. Dead.
The incident puts great strain on Jeff and his family. He wants to believe they just need to get on with their lives and everything will return to normal. But it’s not that easy. The dead intruders belonged to a gang, ANG, “Ain’t No Game,” that now wants revenge. And one of the gang, an ex-con who goes by the name I-Man, knows more about the break-in than he’s letting on.

It starts with a threatening phone call. Then it gets worse. The police, unable to protect the Shaws, suggest they move away for a while. What should Jeff do? Homeowner With a Gun takes the reader on a white-knuckle thrill ride as this everyman fights to save himself and his family, while something a detective said plays in the back of his mind: "Maybe the intruders broke into the wrong house. Happens all the time. You wouldn’t believe how often..."

Samuel Hawley Returns to The G-ZONE this morning @10AM EST!

Good Morning Everybody!
This morning @10AMEST Samuel Hawley returns to The G-ZONE to discuss his many novels, books, and
unique writing process. Please join us either live or on the archives as your time allows.

The link for the show is:

Samuel Hawley was born and grew up in South Korea, the son of missionary parents. After earning BA and MA degrees in history at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, he returned to East Asia with his wife to work as a teacher for nearly two decades, first in Japan and then Korea, ending in 2007 as an associate professor of English at Yonsei University in Seoul. He additionally served for three years as head of Yonsei’s 3,000-student Communicative English Department, and as publications chairman and editor for the Royal Asiatic Society, Korea Branch. He continues to serve as general editor of the Society’s annual journal Transactions, the oldest Korean studies journal in the world, published since 1900.

It was in Japan in the early 1990s that Samuel started writing for magazines and newspapers on topics ranging from Japanese fashion and international travel to the world of sumo wrestling, daimyo clocks and fishing at urban tsuribori. By the late ‘90s he had turned his attention to books. His most notable work from this period is The Imjin War (co-published by the Royal Asiatic Society, Seoul and the Insitute of East Asian Studies, UC Berkeley, 2005) the most comprehensive account in English of Japan’s sixteenth-century invasion of Korea and attempted conquest of China, an event of seismic importance in the history of East Asia. He next focused on US Navy ensign and American diplomat George C. Foulk, Washington’s representative in Seoul at the time of Korea’s opening to the West. Foulk, one of the first Westerners to learn to speak Korean and to travel extensively in the country, was perhaps the foremost Western expert at the time on the “Hermit Kingdom." Hawley's interest in Foulk resulted in two books, America's Man in Korea, and Inside the Hermit Kingdom (both Lexington Books, 2007).

After returning to Canada in 2007, Samuel began writing popular nonfiction full-time. His first work in this new vein was I Just Ran: Percy Williams, World’s Fastest Human (Ronsdale Press) about one of Canada’s greatest yet least known athletes. I Just Ran won an Independent Publisher Awards silver medal and was named one of five "Best Sports Books of the Year" by the CBC. He followed this with Speed Duel: The Inside Story of the Land Speed Record in the Sixties (Firefly Books), which received starred reviews in both Publishers Weekly and Library Journal. He has most recently written a novel, Bad Elephant Far Stream (Conquistador Press, 2013), and a feature film screenplay, Speed Duel, based on his book.

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Meet Bryan Leland Tate MD from "The San Francisco Wedding Planner" by Jen Cudmore

Today I’m going to tell you about Bryan, the handsome ortho surgeon from the short stories I’ve been writing. I’m part of a 5 author team working together on the San Francisco Wedding Planner series.

I picture Bryan much like Paul Rudd. Not a total hottie but definitely a cutie pie. He’s about 6 feet tall with blue eyes and typically clean shaven. He’s 36 years old when he first meets Heather, owner of Donovan’s Wedding Service.
So, Bryan. You grew up in San Francisco?
Yes. Spent most of my childhood here, playing baseball. Mom and I moved to Seattle when I was in high school. I enjoyed Washington state, but I’m glad to be back.
And you’re much older than your brother Raul.
I was twelve when he was born. After my parents split, I stayed with my mom, so we didn’t live in the same house, but I was over there all the time. He was my little buddy until I moved away. I wouldn’t say we’re close, but we understand each other and respect our differences.
Tell me some ways you’re different from Raul.
I don’t get into as much trouble. Hehe! No, I mean, he likes to wear a ton of bling and cologne; it takes him two hours to get ready each morning. I’m more simple; I prefer jeans and T-shirts. He makes fun of my flannels all the time, but that’s what I mostly wore in Seattle. Raul has a million friends, and I’m happy to just have a few. He’s very much a people person, which is why he’s always doing karaoke. He keeps trying to get me to go, but I don’t like to be in the spotlight. Give me a guy with a broken femur or a rotator cuff injury and I can handle that, no problem. Just don’t make me give a speech or sing in public!

What are your hobbies?
I enjoy cooking. I cooked all the time for my mom before she passed. She especially loved my omelets. My favorite is lasagna – love to cook it, love to eat it! I also enjoy hunting. Just took my first trip to Alaska last fall to hunt for moose.

Tell us about the women in your life.
Well, my first steady girlfriend was Jocelyn. We dated when I was in high school but I botched that up pretty bad when I went to college. I dated a few girls in college but nothing serious until I met Mandy. I actually thought she was the one, and we spent 5 years together. But unfortunately I was wrong about her.

And now you’re dating Heather. Is it true that Raul set you up?
Hehe. Yes, actually, it was pretty much his fault we’re together. But I don’t give him all the credit. Heather is great. I love how simple she is, and yet so beautiful. She really cares about people, you know? She works so hard to give her clients what they want and make sure they have the perfect wedding. I love that. She makes me want to be a better person.

Heather describes herself as persistent and a worrier. Would you agree?
Uh, yeah, I guess so. She’s a bit too hard on herself, really. But I think we balance each other out pretty good. I hope she thinks so, too.

What do you think of her mother? And her best friend Skye?
Well…what can I say about Gloria? She’s a sweet lady – a teenager trapped in a grandmother’s body! She means well. Heather’s friend Skye is … different. I don’t know her that well, but I’m hoping to become better acquainted with her soon.

COMING SOON! All 6 stories have been combined into one book and will be released in paperback this weekend!
The next segment of short stories will be released in only a few weeks. All the characters from the series tell a bit more of their backstory – what shaped who they are today. I’ll let you know the release date just as soon as I’m informed!

The G-ZONE - A Doubleheader of Suspense & Thriller @10AMEST - D.P. Lyle & Patti J. Smith!

We have two guests on The G-ZONE today: D.P. Lyle starts the show off and Patti J. Smith takes us home as she comes in at the half way mark.
Here is a little bit on both authors:
D. P. Lyle is the Macavity and Benjamin Franklin Silver Award winning and Edgar, Agatha, Anthony, Scribe, and USA Best Book Award nominated author of many non-fiction books (MURDER & MAYHEM; FORENSICS FOR DUMMIES; FORENSICS & FICTION; MORE FORENSICS & FICTION; HOWDUNNIT: FORENSICS; and ABA FUNDAMENTALS: UNDERSTANDING FORENSIC SCIENCE) as well as numerous works of fiction, including the Samantha Cody thriller series (DEVIL’S PLAYGROUND, DOUBLE BLIND, and ORIGINAL SIN); the Dub Walker Thriller series (STRESS FRACTURE; HOT LIGHTS, COLD STEEL, and RUN TO GROUND); and the Royal Pains media tie-in novels (ROYAL PAINS: FIRST, DO NO HARM and ROYAL PAINS: SICK RICH). His essay on Jules Verne’s THE MYSTERIOUS ISLAND appears in THRILLERS: 100 MUST READS and his short story “Even Steven” in ITW’s anthology THRILLER 3: LOVE IS MURDER.

Patti J. Smith: was born in Wimpole Park, England. She lived in England and Morocco as well as several state-side Air Force Bases and considers her father's last assignment, Moses Lake, Washington, her hometown. She audited for the Dept. of Labor and Veteran's Administration Offices of Inspector General, served in the U.S. Army Reserve (Transit Control Unit and Criminal Investigation Division) and recently retired as a background investigator.

Patti lives in Vista, CA with her husband and has three granddaughters. She serves as a Regional Coordinator for the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, Co-leads Rachel's Hope After-Abortion Healing Retreats and sings in her parish choir.

The link for the show is:

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Meet Private Calvin Mitchell—a female soldier during the Civil War and one of the main characters in ‘The Officer’s Daughter’

Meet Private Calvin Mitchell—a female soldier during the Civil War and one of the main characters in ‘The Officer’s Daughter’

I’m part of the Summer Reading Blog Tour and today it is my turn to interview a character in my latest release, The Officer’s Daughter – a Civil War romance, part of Murray Pura’s American Civil War series ‘Let Freedom Ring’.

I invited Private Calvin Mitchell for a cup of tea and a nice little chat. It may surprise you that this private is not a man but a woman. In 1864, women were not allowed to fight in the war between the States – but Calvin did. She has tried hard to keep her true gender a secret, but the captain of her company found out.

What is your real name?
You didn’t really think I was going to answer this question, I hope. I haven’t even told Captain Andrew Burns. But maybe I will spill my secret at the end of my story . . .

All right, Calvin, let’s go on to the next question. Why did you join the Union army? It is not allowed for a woman to fight, because it is a man’s job. So why did you change your petticoats for trousers?
I’m a tomboy really. My mother died when I was young and my father and six brothers were my daily examples. I loved doing what they did. So when everyone from my family had joined up and left me alone, I decided to do the same thing they did – just like I have done my whole life.

Weren’t you afraid to get shot or die?
I don’t like to admit it, but yes, I was afraid. Especially during my first battle when I realized that I had two options; shoot the enemy or get shot by them. I was terrified when I saw everyone in my company changing into blood thirsty animals – and even more frightened when I realized that I was one of them.

I can’t imagine how that would have been. Did you ever regret your decision?
Sometimes I doubted if I had made the right decision, but somewhere deep inside I knew I was in the right place and that kept me going. When I was wounded, it was the first time I regretted my decision – especially when Captain Burns discovered my secret.

You sound like a tough girl – but are you really?
Well, I do like to believe I’m tough, but one person can make me vulnerable. I don’t always like it, but I guess that’s part of falling in love.

All right! Then now I want to know who that one person is, of course. J
Well, he is a warm and friendly man with his heart in the right place – a natural leader. And he is tall and muscular and handsome *swoon*. . . Yes, you’ve guessed it right – it is Captain Burns.

Oh, I think I’ve seen him. Brown hair, brown eyes?
Yes, that’s him! *smile*

Besides Captain Burns, did you make other friends during your time of enlistment?
I tried to be the quiet boy that no one noticed so I wouldn’t be found out, but there were some soldiers I worked with very closely. One of them is Corporal Shane Dean. He is an all right fellow, I guess. Always likes to tease me and Bubba, my pet squirrel.

You have a pet squirrel? How nice! I’d love to see him some day.
He’s outside, waiting in a tree for my return. He doesn’t like to come inside. But you can meet him before I go home.
I’d like that!

You’re still young. What do you hope to do with your life when the war is over?
I’d like to live on a farm with many animals and have children with Captain Burns. *blush*

Sounds like a good plan. I hope you will get what you long for. Thanks for being with us today and answering my questions. All the best to you and the captain!
Thank you!

Here is the complete list of participants. Visit the blogs you haven't read yet and keep an eye on what is yet to come. Some authors are hosting a giveaway, so you might win free ebooks along the way!

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Saturday, July 26 – Travis Perry –
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Monday, July 28 – Iola Kirkwood –
Tuesday, July 29 – Marsha Hubler –

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Who is on The G-ZONE this week? D.P.Lyle,Patti J. Smith,Tracy Krauss,Kathy Nickerson...

Happy Monday to all!
Yes, I know it is the middle of the afternoon already, the day half shot.
Here is what is happening on The G-ZONE blogtalk radio show this week:
Monday-Today- the broadcast has already happened.
But so what-you can catch the show on the archives anytime 24/7 at your leisure. Here is the link:
The rest of the week looks like this:
Tuesday: D.P. Lyle & Patti J. Smith 10AMEST
Weds. :Samuel Hawley -10AMEST
Thursday: Dianna T. Benson & Jerry Guin
The main link for the show remains the same-
As does the call in number,1949-270-5955, if you any questions for the guests.
We hope that will listen in. Have a great day!

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Bouncing Around The Net by Susan J. Reinhardt

Bouncing Around the Net

Let's take off down the Internet court and dribble that ball. Ready, set, shoot that basket!

1. Heather Sellers guest blogs on the Writers Digest website. Here are 7 things she's learned so far in her writing career. Check out these valuable tips.

2. Carol Garvin, at Careann's Musings, often blogs about gardening and nature. Her pictures are an integral part of her posts. She relates one of her experiences to the importance of attending writers conferences.

3. Bruce Brady guest posts at The Write Conversation. He talks about not letting don'ts stop you. With a title like that, I had to read it.

Writers: Have you attended a writers conference? Please share your experience.

Readers: Have you ever undertaken a project people said was absurd (or impossible) and succeeded? Please share.